Interview with Head of THSN Hong Kong

A “Team Meeting” interview with Josi – Head of THSN Hong Kong, amid the working-from-home period.

1)    Tell us more about yourself and your role as Head of THSN in HK;
In my day to day job, I work in Marketing and Communications, while also working as Head of THSN to drive our local THSN program in Hong Kong in partnership in OneSky. I work closely with the core THSN team consisting of Bobo as Program Manager, Sari as Ambassadors Coordinator, Frankie as Volunteering coordinator, as well as a group of passionate Ambassadors that help activate activities on the local level.

2)    Can you tell me more about the NGO partner, OneSky?
OneSky is a NGO focused on vulnerable families in Sham Shui Po with young children from 0 – 6 years old. Sham Shui Po is one of Hong Kong’s poorest areas, and many households lacks the space, facilities, and time to foster a child’s growth. OneSky educates caregivers on their tested Responsive Approach, and provides a safe and nurturing environment for children to play so that they can develop the cognitive, physical, and socio-emotional skills that are especially fundamental at that age. This focus aligns very closely with our vision in Generali Hong Kong, and we work together to help young children maximize their potential.

3)    How long have you been on this role, and how did you get started? Anything in particular inspired you back then? 
We started exploring our theme and a suitable NGO in 2019 and officially kick-started The Human Safety Net in Hong Kong in June 2020, which happened to coincide with about when OneSky opened their Family Centre in Sham Shui Po! I was really inspired about what OneSky could do for the community, and was keen to work together to amplify that impact with Generali.

4)    What do you believe is the key to successful volunteering event? 
I believe for it to be successful, volunteers should leave feeling it was a positive and rewarding experience. That could also come from mutual reinforcements and positive energy from peers, so I hope that our staff could really get involved and engaged with our volunteering events, encourage each other to do the same, and together make a difference to the community.

5)    Tell us more about 2022 THSN plan;
In 2022, we have a new Fundraising Challenge coming up so keep an eye out for that! Our Ambassadors are also working hard to increase the awareness of THSN, through meeting with teams and through this newsletter. When the COVID-19 situation allows, we plan to organize real-life events with OneSky, including a OneSky tour where staff could see for themselves the Family Centre, parenting workshops, and again host a Christmas Party for the beneficiary families at the end of the year. 

Interviewed by Venus (THSN HK reporting team)