I’m not afraid anymore

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Posted 28 mai 2019

‘I’m not afraid anymore.’

I do everything for my children – anything I can.
I’m quite an anxious mother, and a caring one. I've been married for 17 years, and I have four children.
I have a 15-year-old daughter who ran away from home. In 2014, two of my children were diagnosed with psychiatric problems. My boy needed better company, someone to help him study.
I love all four of my children. All these problems they're having? I hope they can recover and sort themselves out. I want them to have a better future. And a better childhood than the one I had.
Somebody recommended an organization to me. I visit three or four times a week, and I receive counseling once a month. They also help a little with the groceries.
It's thanks to them I was able to move forward. First they listened carefully to my situation, then helped me figure out my options. Their counseling and support has helped me accomplish things I never thought possible. L’Albero della Vita has helped me change. I'm not afraid anymore.
And I'm filled with hope that my life will only get better.

When she realised she and her children needed some extra help, Rosalia got support from L’Albero della Vita, one of The Human Safety Net partners in Italy.

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