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Beaucoup d'entrepreneurs ont dû se réinventer, et ils y sont parvenus.

Lorsque le confinement a débuté à Paris, Carlos et Sina sont parvenus à redéfinir leur façon de travailler.
En tant qu'entrepreneur social, Carlos et ses associés ont dû inventer de nouvelles sources de revenus tandis que Sina, responsable de l’incubateur pour les entrepreneurs réfugiés à Montreuil, a continué à accompagner à distance les 26 projets d’entreprise même si l’incubateur était fermé.
Écoutez les témoignages de l’incubateur La Ruche, partenaire du programme réfugiés The Human Safety Net.

Posted 06 oct. 2020

Ilaria - Centro per la Salute del Bambino Onlus

What we found is a clear need for support, for comfort as well as discussion.

When people understand that there are many others in the same boat, it acts as a source of strength that helps them through the difficult moments.


Maria Francesca - L’Albero della Vita

In my opinion, the most vital human needs consist in being heard, and having access to equal opportunities, and equal access to education.


Alberto - Mission Bambini

As we return to normality, the social damage that this crisis has left behind will become increasingly evident. This means there will be a great need for social rehabilitation.


Ilaria - Centro per la Salute del Bambino Onlus

We have stayed, throughout this period, in touch with the families, all of whom have children between the ages of 0-6. We offered them a range of basic activities they could do from home. We spoke to them via video-calls, individually and in groups, and created an internal group chat in which they could exchange their thoughts and feelings.


Alberto - Mission Bambini

The families we help find themselves under enormous pressure, and the children’s only role model is their parents. There is a genuine need for communication via mobile devices or computers, and we continue to encounter desperate shortfalls in this area, especially for those families that are struggling financially.


Maria Francesca – L’Albero della Vita

L’Albero della Vita works in circumstances involving extreme cultural and social fragility. In such circumstances, the arrival of Covid-19 created a whole range of issues that got progressively worse as the weeks went by. We work in full compliance with the medical guidelines to ensure ongoing socio-educational support for all the children and their families via remote means such as WhatsApp, Skype, telephone calls and video calls.

We support parents in keeping up with their children's education needs. We also provide prepaid cards that can be used by families who lost their source of income. Likewise, we provide support in accessing online teaching materials, by providing tablet computers with internet access.

As the situation evolves over the coming months, I am hopeful and committed to continue guaranteeing the wellbeing, protection and support of the children and their families.

In order to keep supporting families and children, Italian NGOs Centro per la Salute del Bambino Onlus, L'Albero della Vita and Mission Bambini had to change how they work and communicate. They have rolled out several initiatives, and thanks to contribution of hundreds of tablets, they are supporting kids' education and strengthening nets of parents where mums and dads can exchange their thoughts and feelings.
Watch more in the interview with Ilaria, Maria Francesca and Alberto.

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