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Beaucoup d'entrepreneurs ont dû se réinventer, et ils y sont parvenus.

Lorsque le confinement a débuté à Paris, Carlos et Sina sont parvenus à redéfinir leur façon de travailler.
En tant qu'entrepreneur social, Carlos et ses associés ont dû inventer de nouvelles sources de revenus tandis que Sina, responsable de l’incubateur pour les entrepreneurs réfugiés à Montreuil, a continué à accompagner à distance les 26 projets d’entreprise même si l’incubateur était fermé.
Écoutez les témoignages de l’incubateur La Ruche, partenaire du programme réfugiés The Human Safety Net.

Posted 25 nov. 2020

When the lockdown started, we lost close to 90% of our orders, because our business model target professional clients. We had to think about other sources of income, which is why we started to reach out to retail customers.
Along with my two partners, we started delivering just about everywhere by bike, and all of this was during lockdown.

My name is Carlos Arbelaez, I am a social entrepreneur, and along with my two colleagues, I co-founded Populaire. Populaire is a fair trade coffee brand, which is roasted by hand in Paris.
My hope is that we can all learn some important lessons from this lockdown, and that we can all understand that our way of life has an impact on the whole of society.

With our project, we set ourselves three goals: 1) To benefit the producers in Colombia; 2) To benefit refugees in France, as we want to train them as baristas, so they can find work; 3) To inform our customers that their purchase can have an impact on the whole of society.

I’ve been a social entrepreneur for 8 years now, and I thought I had all the keys to start a business or any type of project. The first thing I found out when I started receiving support from the incubator was to question myself, because I quickly realized with my team mates that we were not retailers. I’ve seen a huge number of entrepreneurs, refugees and French people adapt and reinvent themselves in this incredibly difficult situation.
People have also been very keen to give me advice on how to deal with this situation, and make the most out of it.

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