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Beaucoup d'entrepreneurs ont dû se réinventer, et ils y sont parvenus.

Lorsque le confinement a débuté à Paris, Carlos et Sina sont parvenus à redéfinir leur façon de travailler.
En tant qu'entrepreneur social, Carlos et ses associés ont dû inventer de nouvelles sources de revenus tandis que Sina, responsable de l’incubateur pour les entrepreneurs réfugiés à Montreuil, a continué à accompagner à distance les 26 projets d’entreprise même si l’incubateur était fermé.
Écoutez les témoignages de l’incubateur La Ruche, partenaire du programme réfugiés The Human Safety Net.

Posted 23 oct. 2020

Ludivine: I committed myself to volunteer a few months ago. It wasn’t a choice to become a “digital” volunteer, but I wanted to continue my collaboration with the person I am supporting.

Andrea: I worked together the THSN partner Leethub and my commitment was to lead two webinars on Powerpoint.

Ludivine: I help a refugee entrepreneur to improve his level of French: we talk and write and I also send him some exercises to complete, and then we correct them together over the phone once or twice a week.

Andrea: I decided to apply as a digital volunteer because I think that it is especially important in these times of crisis to be an example for solidarity. 

Ludivine: This experience is really enriching in that by helping others, we learn a lot.

Andrea: Very concretely, it was about helping refugee entrepreneurs to make their business plans. It was a lot of fun and was nice to see that in the second workshop, a lot of the lessons learned in the first one were already implemented.

Ludivine: I think that we all have some skills or talents that we don’t necessarily use every day. It is an opportunity to support someone while favouring one’s personal development.

Andrea: I can only recommend to apply because it’s really fun and you can really make a difference. Ciao!

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