The best start in life

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Posted 24 janv. 2019

As 90% of an adult brain is fully formed by 6 years, this period is key to allow a child to receive all the right stimuli to develop his/her full potential.

Parents have the biggest influence on a child’s life at that age – so much depends on the care they offer, and on how much or how little they know about their child’s development and needs. Studies in Early Childhood Development show that each child’s future depends less on genetics and more on the right opportunities for playing, learning and growing up healthily.

With parenting programs in 13 countries, #THSN4Families program is empowering mothers and fathers of young children who live in disadvantaged situations to experience how to give the best support and stimulation to children in this formative time of life: through healthy nutrition, play, reading and access to the right health and educational services.

This is one of the best things a parent can do for his/ her child, and one of most powerful investment any society can make to give equal chances to everyone.

Through the Nurturing Care Framework, WHO, UNICEF and the World Bank have launched a compelling call to action, explaining how we can contribute to giving children the best start in life, in terms of health, nutrition, responsive care, safety and security, and early learning.

Thank you to Charlotte Petri Gornitzka, Deputy Executive Director of UNICEF and Dr Tarun Dua, Co-Chair of the Management Team, Nurturing Care Framework WHO discussing about the Nurturing Care Framework together with Philippe Donnet, Group CEO of Generali at WEF2019.

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