The Human Safety Net leverages on the volunteering of Generali employees and agents who offer their time and skills both to our partners and the families and refugees they are supporting. In 2019, they dedicated over 20,000 hours.

End of 2020, 500 Generali employees and agents decided to engage themselves as THSN Ambassadors to contribute to bring forward The Human Safety Net in their countries for the whole 2021. 

This volunteering framework that takes into account three success factors:

  • Quantity: Engaging as many of our people. The more people commit, the more people we can help.
  • Quality: Considering only meaningful volunteering activities that add value to the programme. We want to contribute to our partners, not to be a burden on them.
  • Sustainability: Co-designing all volunteering activities with our partners so that they can be integrated into their programmes in the longer term as well. Volunteering activities are not only one-off events. To confirm this long-term engagement, volunteering has become part of Generali’s HR strategy.

In The Human Safety Net, we distinguish between three types of volunteering activities:

Skilled volunteering:

Leveraging Generali’s business knowhow (e.g. financial, communications,and IT skills) to offer training and
coaching to NGOs or the families and refugees reached by the programme.

Non-Skilled volunteering:

Committing our employees’ time to running activities for families and refugees who are part of the programmes supported by The Human Safety Net,from leisure activities (e.g. play and sports) to educational activities (e.g. language learning and reading).

Other types of volunteering:

Supporting long-term engagement with our partners and amplifying our reach through fundraising and awareness raising activities that are designed and run by volunteers.

A global volunteering platform offers support to our NGO partners to strengthen their organisations and propose meaningful activities for families and refugees. This tool allows our partners to broadcast their needs, find matching volunteers and let them join the activities.