Help in chain: solidarity basketball in Buenos Aires

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Posted 30 Okt 2018

With the aim of creating a positive change in the world, Argentinian celebrities such as Luciano Castro, Sabrina Rojas and Sergio Santos Hernández, coach of the Argentine basketball team, participated in an event that had  sport as a flag.

In the framework of The Human Safety Net in Argentina, La Caja promoted a basketball event in Villa La Cava (Buenos Aires), where sport played a central role. In this case, basketball was the star of the afternoon to promote this practice and thus collaborate with a better quality of life.

Among the guests were Argentinian top sportsmen such as  Luciano Castro with Sabrina Rojas, 'Tito' Esperanza, 'Jujuy' Jimenez, 'Pollo' Álvarez and Sergio Santos Hernández.

Sport plays a very important role because, in addition to improving the quality of life, encourages teamwork so that each one can do their best, enhancing personal skills, team working abilities and a deep sense of belonging.