Welcome to the 2023 Global Challenge

The Human Safety Net 2023 Global Challenge is an international fundraising campaign activated in 24 countries all over the world during the month of June.

To help more parents, children and refugees

Activated by Generali volunteers and the Ambassadors of The Human Safety Net, this campaign is built around national and personal challenges proposed by each country under one motto: Team up for People.

Thousands of employees and agents will raise challenges to collect funds to make a concrete impact in the life of children, parents and refugees living in vulnerable contexts.

Discover the impact that the Global Challenge aim to reach in each country


Support more than 150 children, provide medical instruments to reach remote locations without medical support, and provide unique nutritional bags for babies and toddlers.


Support 100 families to prepare for their children's first day of primary school with materials and by delivering many practical tips and recommendations for parents.


Support family-centred weekends for single mothers and fathers to improve the parent-child relationship quality and help children socialize better and learn from new experiences.

Czech Republic

Support children with visual impairments to ensure them professional support from specialized early care advisors nationwide.


Allow 600 children and their families living in vulnerable contexts to go on holidays during the summer period.


Help children growing up in disadvantaged situations to learn about healthy nutrition, supporting 20 projects to reach 7,000 families.

Hong Kong

To provide more nutritious food options for children and caregivers in Sham Shui Po, one of Hong Kong's most underserved areas.


To allow families to join an educational 5-day summer camp, where children can enjoy games and activities, and parents can learn more on their parenting skills.


To help get extra nutrition for 1,200 children and strengthen the parenting resilience of 1,200 family members.


To involve 600 children and their families in educational trips to discover the artistic and natural beauties of the area in which they live


To positively impact young children's physical and mental health development through supporting their activities in arts, crafts, and sports.


To allow children from three Single Mother Centers to attend summer camps.


To support a much-awaited Family Day for at least 200 parents and children allowing them to socialize and share experiences, learning and creating good memories.


To allow families with young children to participate in an interactive and educational 5-day summer camp at Mount Szlatibor.


To allow 300 children to attend dedicated summer camps focusing on educational and recreational activities.


Allow children to participate in summer camps in the mountains or at the seaside and provide them with summer travel bags and equipment for an active holiday.


To support 350 scholarships to attend summer camps for children under six at social risk of exclusion as a continuation of the programs we implement during the year.


To support the path to self-employment, access to the labour market and integration in Switzerland for 11 refugees.


To contribute to the construction of a kindergarten branch in the Quang Tri Province, a place with harsh natural conditions and high poverty rates.

Everyone can contribute

To further amplify the success of this global campaign, we encourage suppliers, shareholders and everyone sharing this mission to join their effort and contribute to building a great chain of people helping people. 

Thank you for making it possible

The Human Safety Net is a movement of people helping people. The contribution of many suppliers via in-kind and financial donations powerfully expresses this value. Thank you to those who decided to join the movement.


What is The Human Safety Net Global Challenge?

The Global Challenge is an international fundraising campaign organized by The Human Safety Net movement and activated by Generali volunteers. The 2023 is its 3rd edition.

Why do you do that?

We want to raise awareness and collect funds to support the vulnerable people like families with children ages 0-6 and refugees in their path towards employability and entrepreneurship.

When is it going to happen?

The actual challenge is open during the month of June, with specific dates in the countries. Fundraising challenges and donations are open to support the Global Challenge so that we can collect more funds.

Where is it happening?

The Global Challenge is taking place in all the 24 countries where The Human Safety Net is active. You can donate from everywhere in the world.

What is a “challenge”?

A challenge is a special activity an individual or a group of people is willing to achieve. There are “national” challenges – organized at each national level by The Human Safety Net core team – and “personal” challenges – organized by individual employees and agents willing to add a personal touch and engage in connection with the national challenge. Everyone can donate to positively impact the lives of the most vulnerable.

Who can participate?

All employees and agents of the Generali Group are encouraged to volunteer and join the Global Challenge, and we welcome everyone sharing the purpose of the challenge to donate and support our causes. The Global Challenge is also open to Generali shareholders and suppliers, who are willing to contribute with a donation or an organizational contribution.

Where can I donate?

Donations can be done on fundraising pages of all the national challenges as well as the personal challenges. You can always donate via The Human Safety Net website.

How are used the funds raised during the Global Challenge?

100% of all funds received will be used – country by country - to support The Human Safety Net programs together with local NGO Partners. The Global Challenge is a zero-budget project, so the amounts raised will not be used to cover the organizational expenses.