A unique fundraising event

The Human Safety Net 2021 Global Challenge is an international fundraising campaign activated in 23 countries all over the world. The 2021 Global Challenge will happen between May 28th and June 13th

To help more parents, children and refugees

Activated by Generali volunteers, this campaign is built around national and personal challenges proposed by each country. For two weeks, thousands of employees and agents will raise challenges to collect funds with a single objective in mind: amplify our social impact and help more people amongst the most vulnerable ones in our communities. 

COVID-19 pandemic is affecting heavily families and individuals everywhere but the impact on the life of those who were already in vulnerable conditions is even bigger. This is why, we decided to stand-out and launched this first THSN Global Challenge.

Everyone can contribute

To further amplify the success of this global campaign we encourage suppliers, shareholders and everyone sharing this mission to join their effort and contribute to build an incredible chain of people helping people.

Challenges around the world

New bikes and a families’ centre

In Argentina, volunteers will support the construction of a new centre for families in Colonia Dora for NGO partner Haciendo Camino and the purchase of bikes to better to facilitate the integration of families and children for Fondation Emmanuel.

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Greenmove and volunteering

Employees in Italy will challenge themselves to move sustainably to cover the earth circumference with the Greenmove 190km, and donating 1,000 hours of special digital volunteering activities, both to support vulnerable families and their children 

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20 million steps

Employees in Hong Kong SAR aim to walk collectively 20 million steps in 2 weeks to raise money for OneSky NGO and create a safe and fun environment for underprivileged children.

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Agents and employees in France will get engaged with Passion4Good: they will create, donate an object representing their passion to the best offer, or organize dedicated online tutorial events to raise funds for families and refugee start-up programs.

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Virtually from Vienna to Venice 625km

Walking, running, biking - and help us cover the distance to the new THSN headquarters piece by piece. Along the (virtual) way, we will collect donations for our Family Mentoring Program FAME.

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Working by bicycle

Employees in Czech Republic will go to work by bicycle support the idea of gentle and safe transport, strengthen their health and join special challenges to help children like little Anička.

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Thank you for making it possible

The Human Safety Net is a movement of people helping people. The contribution of many suppliers via in-kind and financial donation is a great expression of this value. Thank you for those who decided to join the movement. 


What is The Human Safety Net Global Challenge?

The Global Challenge is an international fundraising campaign organized by The Human Safety Net movement and activated by Generali volunteers. The 2021 will be the first edition and is going to be held annually.

Why do you do that?

We want to raise awareness and collect funds to support the vulnerable people like families with children ages 0-6 and refugees aiming to become entrepreneurs. They suffered most during Covid-19 emergency and they need extra resources to go back in track

When is it going to happen?

The actual challenge is open between May 28 and June 13, 2021. Fundraising challenges and donations are open to support the Global Challenge so that we can collect more funds.

Where is it happening?

The Global Challenge is taking place in all the 23 countries where The Human Safety Net is active. You can donate from everywhere in the world.

What is a “challenge”?

A challenge is a special activity an individual or a group of people is willing to achieve in the two weeks from May 28th to June 13th. There are “national” challenges – organized at each national level by The Human Safety Net core team – and “personal” challenges – organized by individual employees and agents willing to add a personal touch and engage in connection with the national challenge. Everyone can donate to positively impact the lives of the most vulnerable.

Who can participate?

All employees and agents of the Generali Group are encouraged to volunteer and join the Global Challenge, and we welcome everyone sharing the purpose of the challenge to donate and support our causes. The Global Challenge is also open to Generali shareholders and suppliers, who are willing to contribute with a donation or an organizational contribution.

Where can I donate?

Donations can be done on fundraising pages of all the national challenges as well as the personal challenges. You can always donate via The Human Safety Net website.

How are used the funds raised during the Global Challenge?

100% of all funds received will be used – country by country - to support The Human Safety Net programs together with local NGO Partners. The Global Challenge is a zero-budget project, so the amounts raised will not be used to cover the organizational expenses.