A tent that is not a tent, animals that are not animals.
A site-specific installation by Atelier dell’Errore BIG (AdE BIG) for the Art Studio of The Human Safety Net.

Chutzpah is the interpretation, by the Atelier dell’Errore BIG art collective, of Courage as an aspect of The Human Safety Net programme.

A word of Yiddish origin, Chutzpah indicates an audacious, even excessive, degree of self-confidence. In the English language it has come to denote an unshakeable belief in personal abilities and a reckless drive that allows its possessor to ignore conventional norms and to perform feats that others find impossible.

The entire history of the Atelier dell’Errore artistic collective is Chutzpah in itself. The vast scale and daring of the two works conceived and created specifically for the spaces of the Art Studio of The Human Safety Net are tangible proof of the art collective’s innate propensity to confront the unthinkable.

Atelier dell’Errore BIG (AdE BIG) is an art collective active since 2015 and established in 2018 as a social enterprise dedicated to the visual and performing arts. It has origins in the Atelier dell’Errore project of the visual artist Luca Santiago Mora, dedicated since 2002 to children receiving neuropsychiatric therapy.

Since its foundation, the AdE BIG workshops have been permanently housed as a work in progress within the Maramotti Collection based in Reggio Emilia.