Generali Spain is firmly dedicated to promoting equal opportunities for children living in poverty. Across Europe, over eight million children ages 6 and under risk of poverty, and 70% risk remaining poor throughout their lives. Research has demonstrated that the first six years are the most formative period in a child's life, shaping a child's future school achievements, health and professional future, and it is critical that we act to improve life chances for this age group.

Parents play a key role in achieving this goal. Therefore supporting them as they educate and care for their children is key, helping them improve parenting skills and act as positive influences for the youngest members of their families.

Generali Spain is also working tirelessly to communicate this initiative to the general public, partnering with Spain’s national rugby team to help spread a positive message, fight and eventually tackle social injustice!

The program


Fundación Tomillo

Local activities

This project is active in Madrid and supported by Fundación Tomillo.

In Spain, Generali Spain and The Human Safety Net have partnered with Fundación Tomillo to support families, invest in increasing early childhood opportunities and help end child poverty.

The focus is on disadvantaged families with very young children (ages 0-6). Fundación Tomillo can boast more than 30 years’ experience working with these kinds of families in the area south of Madrid, making the association a perfect partner for The Human Safety Net’s For Families program.

Our project is expected to reach 150 families overall, supporting education efforts concerning diet, healthy habits, proper sleep and hygiene, leisure activities and free time, providing educational workshops and spaces where families can learn, interact and grow together. We’re excited to make a difference!