Promotes equal life chances for disadvantaged children

With The Human Safety Net for Families, we want to promote equal-life chances for children who live in poverty, deprived of opportunity. In Europe alone, over 8 million children under 6 are at risk of poverty, and 70% are on track to remain poor their whole lives.

It is scientifically proven that the first six years are the most formative period in a child’s life. These years shape what a child will achieve in school, their health, and their future career path

Parents are the key to making these first six years a success. This program unlocks the potential of disadvantaged parents to give their children equal-life chances. The program is currently active in in Germany, France, Argentina, Spain, Slovenia, Italy, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Serbia and Montenegro, Romania, Slovakia.

Meet and learn
We’re creating spaces for parents to come together and learn skills to give their children equal-life chances. Parents support and motivate each other during workshops on child education, nutrition, household finance and more. Workshops are structured as conversations with the facilitation of expert coaches.

Country programs

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