Italian Prime Minister recognises The Human Safety Net

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Posted 25 أكت 2017

Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni spoke at an event organized at Generali’s headquarters in Mogliano Veneto last October 24th and recognised The Human Safety Net: “It’s an initiative that seeks to create a network between the strength of Generali and the availability of other businesses and NGOs to intervene in some relevant social issues. Thinking of the future not with fear, but as an opportunity, we have to be aware that we will succeed by working and actively intervening in what may be some of the causes of fracture and exclusion in our society.”
At The Human Safety Net we do this by focusing on three programmes: supporting refugee start-ups, promoting equal-life opportunities for children from disadvantaged backgrounds and saving new-born babies from the debilitating and potentially fatal consequences of asphyxia.


Watch the full speech here (in Italian):