Venice, future home of The Human Safety Net

Our future home will be in the Procuratie Vecchie in St Mark’s Square in Venice. Amplifying our impact, Generali is renovating the building, where founders first established their offices in Venice back in 1832.

This city built over water has been cosmopolitan and inclusive ever since it was founded by refugees escaping from invasions. The name of the building itself, Procuratie Vecchie, traces back to the Procuratori, its first inhabitants and high officials who ran the Venetian republic. They administered the city, and were also in charge of social issues. All this makes a significant connection to The Human Safety Net mission today.

All over the world, Venice is a city famous for its imagination, ingenuity and openness, welcoming millions of visitors every year. For the first time in 500 years, Procuratie Vecchie will be open to the public. Tourists and Venetians will discover the challenges that vulnerable people face, learn about the social impact of The Human Safety Net programs and how they can help, through an interactive journey. Our home will symbolically bridge the gaps between open and closed spaces, ancient institutions, social issues and future challenges.


An open door to the world

An interactive place where everyone will be invited to explore, get inspired, exchange ideas and amplify our impact, together.

A respectful restoration of the Procuratie Vecchie in Venice into the vibrant heart of The Human Safety Net.

Restoration in Progress

Visitors will be invited to walk across St. Marks’ Square and discover the Royal Gardens nearby, a historic green oasis that Venice Garden Foundation has restored to its original beauty with Generali’s support. Inside the greenhouse, a dedicated space called the Human Garden will host exhibitions and activities connecting our shared humanity, art and nature.

With this open spirit, we’ll welcome Venetians and visitors alike, inviting everyone to explore, get inspired, exchange ideas, and amplify the impact of The Human Safety Net together. The area around St Mark’s Square will come alive as a place to act in the spirit of our movement.


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