How we work

Our 2020 Activity Report presents the highlights of 2020, a year characterized by the Covid-19 pandemic that affected at a higher degree the most vulnerable families and refugees The Human Safety Net supports. To this, we have responded offering the greatest possible flexibility, matched with financial and non financial support to our partners to as much as possible close to their beneficiaries.

So far we have reached 86,000 families and refugees. Discover the stories of the people we support and our digital volunteers. Learn more about our Theory of change, key facts and figures and our ways of working.

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How we work

Through The Human Safety Net, we aspire to mobilize Generali’s resources by consistently engaging our 72,000 employees, 150,000 agents and more than 65 million customers. At the same time, we are gradually leveraging additional Generali’s assets and capabilities the same goal.



Generali’s employees and agents represent more than 200,000 people, offering a huge engagement asset. Our volunteering framework, co-designed with our NGO partners and HR professionals, takes into account three success factors: Quantity, Quality, and Sustainability, and includes various possibilities for employees to offer their skills and time in a meaningful way. In 2020, many of them have supported The Human Safety Net as digital volunteers.



Investing for impact

In collaboration with The Human Safety Net, Generali has developed two impact investing pilots for a total value of €34M.
These impact investing activities allow us to dramatically expand our impact on vulnerable families and refugees beyond the programs we fund. Our pilots in this field contribute to social inclusion more broadly, making investments in areas such as social housing, adequate nutrition, microfinance and stable employment, all of which help create an enabling environment for the disadvantaged people served by our programs and NGO partners.


Partnership amplifying impact


The Human Safety Net has started building a wider net of partners, forging collaborations with like-minded institutions, companies and foundations. We see these partnerships as a great opportunity for co-creating impactful solutions, learning from each other and pooling resources.
With Scale Up Impact, 12 organisations joined forces to deliver greater impact and work toward achieving impact on a national scale in France, Germany, Italy, Argentina and Serbia. We also launched important collaborations with Fondazione Italiana Accenture, Dell, Cisco and Hogan Lowells.

Our future home in Venice


The future home of The Human Safety Net Foundation will be hosted in the Procuratie Vecchie on St Mark’s Square in Venice.
This is a symbolic location for Generali, which shares its winged lion logo with the city of Venice.
This home will become a lively and open dot in the foundation’s network; a focal point catalysing cultures, reflections, experiences and dialogues. Its purpose will not be limited to mere representation. Instead it will serve as a platform for international debates around our mission, with a co-working space and residency programme building bridges between Generali people, partners, beneficiaries and other stakeholders.

The Human Safety Net Activity Report provides a comprehensive overview of global activities during 2020.



The Balance Sheet of Generali Foundation - The Human Safety Net ONLUS outlines the financial performance according to the current Italian legislation.



The Human Safety Net Activity Report provides a comprehensive overview of global activities during 2019.