How we work

It has now been four years since The Human Safety Net started activities. In this relatively short timeframe, we have expanded our impact and work together with our network of 61 NGOs in 23 countries to support the most vulnerable in our communities.
We have reached so far over 173,000 parents with their young children living in vulnerable circumstances and refugees in their journey towards employability and entrepreneurship. Having a clear focus has enabled The Human Safety Net to be not only a funder, but also a co-creator and an additional resource for our NGO partners.

Discover what we achieved in 2021 in our Activity Report. Learn more about our Theory of Change, see a deep dive about our programmes, read the stories of the people we support and what our volunteers say about their experience. Discover our key facts and figures, our approach to corporate social innovation and our home in Venice. Browse below for a preview and download the full report to learn more.

How we work

Through The Human Safety Net, we aspire to mobilize Generali’s resources by consistently engaging the Groups’ 75,000 employees, 150,000 agents and more than 65 million customers. At the same time, we are gradually leveraging additional Generali’s assets and capabilities the same goal.



Generali’s employees and agents represent more than 200,000 people, offering a huge engagement asset. Our volunteering framework, co-designed with our NGO partners and HR professionals, takes into account three success factors: Quantity, Quality, and Sustainability, and includes various possibilities for employees to offer their skills and time in a meaningful way. In 2021, we have strongly increased the commitment to volunteering and reached the higher level ever with 30,000 hours.



The Human Safety Net has started building a wider net of partners, forging collaborations with like-minded institutions, companies and foundations. We see these partnerships as a great opportunity for co-creating impactful solutions, learning from each other and pooling resources. With Scale Up Impact, dozens of organisations joined forces to deliver greater impact and work toward achieving impact on a national scale in Italy, France, Argentina, Germany, Vietnam, Austria, Serbia, among others. We also launched important collaborations with Fondazione Italiana Accenture, Cisco, Hogan Lowells, Erste, Shopflin Foundation and Con I Bambini.

Our Home in Venice


For the very first time in its 500-year history, this iconic building will open its doors to the public, welcoming in Venetians and visitors alike. The Human Safety Net’s new home in the heart of Venice is a place with a strong and resonant identity, a venue that people can keep returning to, but above all, a space where people can meet to share ideas and then put them into action. Visitors to the building will be taken on an interactive journey, where they can discover their personal strengths and how best to use them. They will also discover some of the challenges faced by the most vulnerable people in society – and how The Human Safety Net’s programmes are supporting them.
Discover how to visit the exhibition.

Download the 2021 Activity Report

The Human Safety Net Activity Report provides a comprehensive overview of global activities during 2021.

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Download the 2021 financial statements

The financial statements of Fondazione Generali - The Human Safety Net provide the legally-required information about the Foundation’s financial performance.

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Download the 2020 Activity Report

The Human Safety Net Activity Report provides a comprehensive overview of global activities during 2020.

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Download the 2020 Balance Sheet

The Balance Sheet of Generali Foundation - The Human Safety Net ONLUS outlines the financial performance according to the current Italian legislation.

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The Human Safety Net 2019 Activity Report

The Human Safety Net Activity Report provides a comprehensive overview of global activities during 2019.

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