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The Human Safety Net for Refugee Start-Ups offers a fresh start to refugees in Germany and France

The Human Safety Net for Refugee Start-Ups offers a fresh start to refugees in Germany. Many of you are natural entrepreneurs, many of you have run your own business in your home country. If you make the most of your ideas and abilities, you can create a successful business in Europe too. The Human Safety Net offers innovation labs for developing your business idea and expert training to turn your idea into a concrete business plan. To the entrepreneurs with the best business plans, we will offer one-to-one coaching, financing and a workplace.

Instead of waiting for a job, through the The Human Safety Net you can create your own.

For help or assistance about this program:

THSN For Refugee Start-ups
+31 626833274
+31 626833274

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THSN For Refugee Start-Ups will support new businesses in all sectors. To us, the potential of your business idea and your capabilities for making it happen are the deciding factors.

The trainings are given in German (in Munich) and French (in Paris). Training materials are also available in German, French, English and Arabic.

Sadly no, the programme is designed for people who already have the right to stay and work in their host country. We put this restriction because we want you to be able to legally start your business once you complete the training.

Yes, if you have the right to stay and you meet the other criteria, you can apply for the programme.

You can still apply for the programme if you don’t live in the cities where training takes place, but we cannot cover or reimburse any transportation costs.

Once you have completed the training programme and have outlined a concrete business plan, you will have the chance to apply for financial support to start your business. Every year, we will support up to 40 entrepreneurs financially in Germany.

Entrepreneurship experts will deliver the trainings throughout the programme. They have experience with startups and many of them own their own businesses.

If you are in France, you can call Singa. If you are in Germany, you can call Social Impact Lab. Alternatively, you can send an email to this address or send us a message on WhatsApp or Skype.